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A powerful update for the arts

Ticketsolve has grown incrementally over 15 years, and we’ve always been proud of how it’s improved to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs with each update. But we saw an opportunity to do more. After a decade and a half of evolution, it was time for a bit of a revolution.

Our largest redevelopment project to date – for the New Ticketsolve, we took everything we’ve learned in the past decade and a half, invited input from our 345+ customers, and asked ourselves some serious questions about how we could make Ticketsolve… better.

There’s plenty that’s the same, but there’s also a lot that’s changed. Built from the ground up, this is truly the next generation of Ticketsolve.

Community Collaboration at the Core

In developing the new system, it was essential that we went back to what really matters – our customers, and their users. What did our customers want from their box office system – and, in turn, what did they need to build better relationships with their audiences?

We drew from 15 years of conversations with customers and the knowledge we’ve gained from developing our relationships with industry partners, policy makers and expert consultants. All of their past feedback, queries and requests – and some interesting new discussions too. Our experience in arts, culture, and heritage, combined with that of thousands of our users, gave us remarkable insight into the needs for a unified system across an entire organisation.

Removing barriers for our users – for you and your team – wherever we could became a core mission of the New Ticketsolve.

More Streamlined

Combine box office, marketing, fundraising and CRM needs with day-to-day admin and powerful reporting. Everything in one place, accessible by as many of your team as you need, with complete traceability of every action taken. Elegantly and practically streamlined for your entire organisation.

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Screenshot of Ticketsolve CMS on desktop and mobile

More Intuitive

Easier to use than ever before, the New Ticketsolve is clear and straightforward to navigate. You’ll have every member of your team up to scratch in no time, making use of powerful tools in just a few simple clicks. We’re confident you’ll be able to make the most out of what we’ve built!

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The team at Ticketsolve really taught us the importance of Data Driven Decision making and how to utilise the rich tapestry of data we have to inform our marketing, programming and fundraising strategies. The ability to drill down on so many data sets is invaluable and has revolutionised how we think and operate as an organisation.
Peter Ling – Shows and Finance Manager – Ipswich Theatres

More Engaging

On both the front and back end, we’ve made the New Ticketsolve more stylish, polished – dare we say elegant? The platform looks better than ever, with clear menus and interactive dashboards, optimised across all sizes and shapes of devices. Your end users benefit from the same, with stylish, responsive booking experiences.

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More Integrations

We’d like to do everything for you, really we would. But we know Ticketsolve goes even further when it plays well with others – powerful integrations to external analytics, email marketing, payment and audience research platforms (and more!) are easier than ever to set up and use in the New Ticketsolve.

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Seeing is believing

What better way to get to know us than a hands-on look at how Ticketsolve works?

Make the complicated… simple

This is what it all boils down to – giving you the power to take complete control of your system, across your entire organisation, as simply as possible. Delivering tools that help you take your organisation further by leveraging your data, automating processes, and customising user experiences – and making them incredibly easy to use.

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And there’s more to come…

We have no intention of standing still – the New Ticketsolve is just the beginning. We’re continuing to develop your platform to deliver new features and integrations, and will always be on hand with updates and support.

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