Revolutionising Venue Cymru’s Online Sales Experience

Venue Cymru

Formerly known as the Aberconwy Centre and the North Wales Theatre and Conference Centre, Venue Cymru is a large arts, conference and events venue with a reputation for attracting world-class performances and events to its stage. The purpose built venue’s versatility and top-notch facilities make it an ideal location for hosting a diverse range of shows, from internationally renowned musicians like West Life and Manic Street 


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Addressing the Big Issues

System crashes, faltering websites and crashing checkout engines mean frustrated audiences and lost sales. Venue Cymru, a prominent arts and entertainment venue in North Wales, found themselves in the unenviable position of exactly that – especially during high-demand on-sales. The result was poor customer experiences and dissatisfaction leading to lost revenue. 

In search of a better solution, Venue Cymru turned to Ticketsolve for help –  due in large part to Ticketsolve’s proven ability to manage high demand, sell out events. 

Big Shows, Big Capacity: Managing Parc Eirias 15,000 Seat Stadium

Everything about Venue Cymru is large-scale but their spaces are reassuringly versatile. The Arena can hold an impressive 2,500 standing or 1,000 sitting, with other venues in the portfolio able to manage a wide variety of set-ups depending on the show and audience makeup. 

In addition to their main venue, Venue Cymru also manages the Parc Eirias Stadium, a 15,000-seat, outdoor stadium which has played host to an impressive array of large-scale sporting events and concerts, including high-profile artists such as Little Mix and Elton John.

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From High Profile Events To Intimate Shows, Ticketsolve Brings Reliability and Scalability

With Ticketsolve’s robust, reliable and efficient platform at the helm, Venue Cymru is better able to serve its patrons for all on-sales but especially for high-profile events. Ticketsolve has been instrumental in supporting Venue Cymru’s growth and ability to host even more prestigious events.

As a result, Venue Cymru now enjoys increased ticket sales, revenue and improved customer satisfaction and trust.

Key Benefits of Ticketsolve for Venue Cymru’s Large Capacity, High Demand Shows

  • Scalability

    Ticketsolve’s platform can easily handle the increased traffic and demand associated with high-profile events, ensuring a smooth and reliable ticket purchasing experience for customers

  • Advanced Reporting

    Ticketsolve offers comprehensive reporting tools that help Venue Cymru make informed decisions regarding event scheduling, pricing, and promotions, allowing them to optimise their event calendar and maximise revenue

  • Customisation

    Ticketsolve’s platform can be tailored to meet the specific needs of Venue Cymru and Parc Eirias Stadium, ensuring a seamless and personalised experience for both venues and their patrons

  • Marketing Support

    Ticketsolve’s marketing tools help Venue Cymru promote their events more effectively, reaching a wider audience and driving ticket sales for both their main venue and Parc Eirias Stadium

  • Continuous Support and Optimisation

    Before any large, high-demand on-sales, Ticketsolve works closely with Venue Cymru to understand what is needed for that specific event so that each on-sale runs seamlessly. The team also conducts post on-sale analysis so that future on-sales can be optimised and improved if necessary

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Ticketsolve’s Solution: An Established and Proven Onsale Process

Ticketsolve has an established process for managing on-sales, no matter the size or demand  for each and every one of our over 350 arts, culture and heritage customers. 

With our powerful technology, optimised processes and Queue-It integration, the result is an incredibly stable, robust and fast conversion during high demand, sell-out on-sales, Meaning our queueing system is able to handle several thousand requests by answering them in less than 10 milliseconds.

Robust Technology: Optimising Capacity and Traffic Management

  • Ticketsolve establishes a pre-queue system to effectively manage the influx of traffic to Venue Cymru’s website during on-sales. This pre-queue is especially important for busy on-sales and acts as a virtual waiting room, allowing customers to arrive early and ensures that the website is not overwhelmed when the on-sale begins. With this strategy, both the ticketing system and the website remain stable, providing a smooth and frustration-free experience for patrons.

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  • To handle the increased demand during on-sales, Ticketsolve proactively assesses the need for additional server capacity. Ticketsolve scales up resources as necessary and then can accommodate higher levels of traffic without compromising website performance or risking system crashes. This flexibility and adaptability are crucial in maintaining a seamless and reliable ticket purchasing process, even during peak times.

  • Ticketsolve works closely with Venue Cymru to ensure that event setups are optimised for heavy traffic and high conversion rates. This involves fine-tuning the ticketing interface, simplifying the purchase process, and ensuring that all necessary information is readily available to customers. By optimising these elements, Ticketsolve helps Venue Cymru deliver an efficient and user-friendly experience that encourages patrons to complete their transactions quickly and easily.

  • In preparation for on-sale events, Ticketsolve activates a range of performance optimisations designed to enhance the ticket purchasing experience. These optimisations may include load balancing, content delivery network (CDN) integration, and caching strategies, all of which contribute to faster page load times and increased website stability. Ticketsolve employs these performance-enhancing measures to minimise any potential bottlenecks and ensures a smooth and easy to use experience for customers.

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Effective Processes: Active Monitoring and Proactive Support Before, During and After On-Sales

  • Monitoring Traffic During On-Sale Events

    Throughout the on-sale process, Ticketsolve continuously monitors traffic to Venue Cymru’s website, enabling them to identify and address any issues that may arise in real-time. This vigilant monitoring allows Ticketsolve to make adjustments as needed, ensuring that the website and ticketing system remain stable and responsive even under the demands of high levels of traffic. By proactively addressing potential issues, Ticketsolve helps to maintain a reliable and efficient ticket purchasing experience for Venue Cymru’s patrons.

  • Proactive Support

    Ticketsolve’s dedicated Support Team manages the entire on-sale process for Venue Cymru, so that any potential issues are promptly addressed and resolved. This active, dedicated support is on hand for all types of events, regardless of ticket demand. Most importantly, the Ticketsolve Support Team provides support before an on-sale begins to make sure no critical steps are missed and also during on-sales in order to address any issues should they arise.

  • Improving All the Time: Post On-Sale Analysis

    Reflection is a critical piece of Ticketsolve’s on-sale process. The Ticketsolve Support Team breaks down on-sales once they are complete in order to better understand what works and what doesn’t work. This type of reflection and analysis helps to improve the overall on-sale process, but also helps to refine on-sales for specific customers and their unique needs. 

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Results and Impact

  • Elimination of System Crashes

    Since the implementation of Ticketsolve with the Queue-It integration, Venue Cymru has successfully eliminated system crashes during all on-sales events, including high demand, sell-out events.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

    Venue Cymru has increased overall customer satisfaction and lots of positive feedback since the switch to Ticketsolve.

  • Boost in Revenue

    The combination of a reliable on-sale process and an improved customer experience has meant improved ticket sales for  Venue Cymru. This growth in sales underscores the importance of a seamless ticketing system in driving business success.

  • Enhanced Brand Image

    Venue Cymru has bolstered its reputation as a leading arts and entertainment venue by addressing and resolving the issues that once plagued its on-sales. The improved customer experience and streamlined ticketing process has strengthened the venue’s brand image, positioning it as a reliable and customer-centric destination for top-notch events.

  • Fewer Frustrations for the Team

    The transition to Ticketsolve meant the team were fielding fewer calls about system issues, were able to communicate with customers more effectively and had the support of the Ticketsolve on-sale team. The strong processes Ticketsolve brought with them have made the Venue Cymru team more efficient and effective – and certainly reduced some stress.

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Not only did Ticketsolve provide us with a robust and reliable ticketing system, but they also prioritised improving customer experiences. Their user-friendly interface made it easier for our patrons to navigate through the ticketing process, resulting in reduced friction and enhanced satisfaction. The intuitive design of their platform ensured that even during high-demand on-sales, our customers could easily secure their tickets without any technical hiccups.
Mandy Mills, Section Head: Venues Management, Venue Cymru