Changing the Narrative

Use GDPR and legitimate interest to grow your database, engage with new audiences and reach your goals

Changing the Narrative

Many organisations have concerns surrounding GDPR and understandably see it as a barrier rather than a tool to reaching their goals. But following the pandemic, many databases are in need of revival, and preferably one that is easy and quick to implement! Our guide shows you how you can use GDPR’s legitimate interest to speak to a wider audience than ever before.

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Revive your database using GDPR and legitimate interest

  • Defining legitimate interest

    The guide will help you to understand what legitimate interest is, and how you can use it to grow the number of customers who hear from you.

  • Safely implementing the steps

    We provide steps, templates and examples produced by Indigo Ltd to ensure that you won’t come up against any issues related to GDPR, and will keep your customers happy!

  • Success stories and what they have shown

    Be reassured by how audiences react, and databases grow, when legitimate interest is used by real-life organisations through case studies from Mermaid and An Táin arts centres.

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